We Stand With Palestine

In light of the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Palestine, it's imperative that we, especially here in the US, rally our collective efforts to bring about a positive change.

One of the most effective ways we can stand in solidarity with Palestine is by partaking in local actions. Raise your voice in support of the Palestinian people, and in opposition to the ongoing genocide. A broad spectrum of local actions and trustworthy organizations are tirelessly working to provide mutual aid on the ground in Palestine. Engaging with and supporting these entities amplifies the impact of the aid provided.

If you're going to an action, take the following steps to keep yourself and others safe.

Parking: Opt to pay parking meters with quarters instead of a card to maintain your privacy.
Phones: Set your phone to airplane mode before arriving at the action. Better yet, turn it off or leave it at home to ensure your safety and that of others around you.
Buddy System: Always attend actions with a buddy or two, ensuring that you have someone you trust by your side.
Masks: Wearing a face mask serves a dual purpose – it helps mitigate the risk of COVID-19 and protects against reactionary doxing attempts.

Apart from physically attending actions, there are other avenues through which you can extend your support. Financial contributions are a substantial way to provide aid to Palestinians in Gaza. The mutual aid networks are a reliable channel to ensure that your contributions reach those in dire need. Trusted organizations, as listed on ggjalliance.org/gaza, are working on the ground to provide essential aid and support to the affected populace.

Your voice, actions, and contributions are instrumental in alleviating the hardship faced by individuals in Palestine. It's more than just a call to action; it's a call to humanity. Stand with Palestine, and make a difference today.